Digital Music Downloads (MP3)

Purchase digital downloads of albums directly from Crash Test Dummies. Each album download contains CD-quality MP3s for all tracks, along with album cover artwork. Purchases are processed using PayPal and download links are sent out within 24-hours of purchase.

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Oooh La-La! (MP3)
$8.88 USD • 11 Tracks
Demo-litions (MP3)
$8.88 USD • 13 Tracks
Songs of the Unforgiven (MP3)
$8.88 USD • 17 Tracks
Puss 'N' Boots (MP3)
$8.88 USD • 13 Tracks
Jingle All The Way (MP3)
$8.88 USD • 11 Tracks
Lobster Bash Series (MP3)
$3.88 USD • 4 Tracks
I Don't Care That You Don't Mind (MP3)
$8.88 USD • 14 Tracks
Physical CDs and Merchandise
Cinderellen (CD)
12 Tracks
Temporarily unavailable online during tour.
Available for purchase at all live shows.